Monday, September 17, 2007

A patent improvement |

Another good article from the economist: A patent improvement

It is always interesting to see how the media picks up on patent issues. Key takeaway for most readers; examiners need to have the best art in front of them, new technology is important to making this happen, and the major patent offices of the world are testing or planning to test a community approach to vetting references.

The most interesting note here is the problem the USPTO is trying to solve. What made the Google founders billionaires is understanding how to organize an incredible amount of disaggregated information such that the most relevant results are in the top 10-20 hits.

The key question now is how we do that for every public technical document, every part of every good ever offered for sale, and everything in every library, journal, or code base ever published in any language in the history of the world?

The answer probably involves the US classification codes, however it seems another x-prize may be appropriate...

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