Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mythbusters and Numb3rs

A few quick notes from Friday:

OQO hq is located a few blocks from some great food in San Francisco's Mission district. Last Friday I ran across Grant, Tory, and Kari - the Mythbusters build team - at Jay's Cheesesteak on 21st St. It was remarkable how well they blended in the neighborhood (Kari's pink hair and all). When I noticed them leaving, I became a bit star/nerd struck and mainly thought to myself "Do. Not. Stare." feeling very much like I was seeing Steve Martin's nose for the first time in Roxanne. Hopefully that will wear off, and next time I'll smoothly pitch a Mythbusters patent special where we test actual published patent applications with 101 rejections for defying the known laws of physics (or rather "inconsistent with known scientific principles").

Also on Friday, an OQO Model 02 was shown three times in the first 10 minutes of Numb3rs.

Lastly, I still owe Gene Quinn of PLI a thoughtful response to his comment on my "PLI Gone Wild" post, but have not had the time to write the non-confidential aspects of what I am now implementing regarding the new rules. Hopefully this will all settle in a few weeks and I will have some time to write that note. In the meantime, if anything breaks this week, I will make best efforts to post whatever practical context I can.



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