Friday, November 9, 2007

Blog title exegesis

Another quick post. I wanted to address by blog's name. Marketing experts will tell you that a name should be descriptive and impactful. Trademark attorney's will tell you that a name should be fanciful and meaningless to obtain broad protection.

I have willfully ignored both. Creating a title that is both hard to search, remember and say, while having just enough meaning to likely be unprotectable.

Whatever. I like it. For me, e^(ip) is a great math/intellectual property pun.

Chiefly, it represents me discussing ip issues (my first initial combined with the common intellectual property abbreviation).

However, it also is represents my appreciation of the special case of Euler's formula with x=pi, where e (the base of the natural logarithm) raised to the square root of negative one (the imaginary number i) times pi equals -1.

I will give you all (all ten of you) a moment to think about that... No matter how many times I have seen or used this, it still is wonderful to contemplate the connection of these two transcendental numbers. According to Wolfram's this "beautiful identity" connects: "the fundamental numbers i, pi, e, 1, and 0 (zero) and involv(es) the fundamental operations of equality, addition, multiplication, and exponentation."

I love this identity. Hopefully some of my posts too will connect some seemingly unrelated transcendental concepts and make things easier for people to understand. Marketing and trademarks not withstanding.

Have a good weekend.

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