Friday, February 15, 2008

New USPTO-PPAC Members

Wanted to post a quick update on the USPTO Patent Public Advisory Committee - they announced the three nominees yesterday.

I have heard of all of the nominees – but one stands out.

Professor Kieff is one of the most insightful academics in IP today. I would put him up there with Markus Reitzig at London Business School, Bronwyn Hall at Berkeley, and Lee Fleming at HBS.

There are other academics who are more popular for their research – Mark Lemley at Stanford obviously - but in terms of putting out careful, original research that has resonated and impacted the practical development and management of IP, these researchers stand out. (Note: Professor Crouch is by far the most popular academic in IP, but not [yet] for his research, more for his comprehensive communications of that which is newsworthy to the industry.)

To see Professor Kieff, (and professor Hall as well) enjoy this video. And if I have egregiously left off anyone of note, please e-mail me or leave a comment. If I get enough interest/feedback – I'll make a top ten.



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