Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Patent Drafting

My father passed away last Monday. Exactly one week earlier he was told that his oral cancer was no longer operable and that he had about one week left. His previous surgeries removed much of his upper and lower jaw and cheek. After his last surgery, the doctor remarked that "there is more of your face in the jar than on your face" and further surgeries would most likely be out of the question.

I have been with my family in Maryland the last few weeks and just returned to San Francisco on Tuesday.

Smokers, those who chew tobacco, and black men make up 95% of all oral cancer cases. My father was in none of these three classes. There was no treatment which could manage or contain this cancer as it formed, spread and ulcered.

So, if there is anyone reading this sitting on an invention dealing with the management or cure of oral cancers, I would like to draft your patent application for free. I will research the art, scope the claims, draft the examples and detailed description to the best of my ability. I formerly examined patents in class 250, Radiant Energy Systems, an example of which can be found here: US Patent 6809325 - "Apparatus for generating and selecting ions used in a heavy ion cancer therapy facility."

I will then find you attorneys or agents with domain expertise to review, file and prosecute the application(s), hopefully at significantly reduced cost.

There probably aren't too many inventors in this space who don't already have an IP department they can turn to for assistance, but if I can facilitate one or two of these a year, at least it is something. Please e-mail inquiries to



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