Monday, July 6, 2009

plenIPotentiary discussions at 2009 IPBC

An international working group, assembled and tasked by the UK's Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, met for the first time late last month to discuss and define the role of Chief Intellectual Property Officer for attendees of the IP Business Congress in Chicago.

The results of these discussions were shared at the IPBC and will be further developed into articles and other publications by both IAM and the session facilitators (Ron Laurie and Rob Sterne). Great overview here by Joff Wild and key point summary here by Duncan Bucknell. At the end of the conference, they held a brief roundtable and recorded a few of us answering questions related to the CIPO role.

Full CIPO working group:

Carl Horton, GE
Sherry Knowles, GSK
Ruud Peters, Philips IP & Standards
Marshall Phelps, Microsoft
Todd Dickinson, AIPLA
Peter Cicala, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Damon Matteo, PARC
John Squires, Chadboure & Parke (Goldman Sachs)
Scott Fran
k, AT&T
Erin-Michael Gill, OQO
Beatrix de Russé, Thomson
Bill Elkington, Rockwell Collins
Duncan Bucknell, Duncan Bucknell Company
James Malackowsi, Ocean Tomo
Bo Heiden, CIP Gothenburg
Shinjiri Ono, Yuasa & Hara
Ian Harvey, IP Institute
Anne Culotta, Halliburton
Wayne Sobon, Accenture


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