Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good reporting

(Reporter Sara-Jayne Adams of the UK's Intellectual Asset Management and Erin-Michael Gill)

Sara-Jane Adams has pulled together a number of IP professionals for this months cover story (registration required) on fighting back against the IP backlash, especially with respect to international perceptions of IP. Interesting topic and bit of a surprising read.

Also, I recently started Twittering (http://twitter.com/gillip_com). While it is not exactly an outlet for the kind of in depth IP journalism one might find in IAM, it is a good place to park small interesting insights from time to time. Here's my latest tweet:

gillip_comNote the portfolio license option - MSFT offered all YHOO's IP at a discount b/c of search deal. Good value for both -http://bit.ly/13yQ4m
The longer point is that the IP provisions in the Yahoo search deal could seed a broader collaboration with Microsoft. Allowing MSFT to incorporate YHOO technology - even at a discount - would at least be new revenue into YHOO, and could be a valuable test drive of sorts leading to something far more significant down the road.

Anyway, if you would like to follow my feed, feel free.


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