Monday, November 19, 2012

Discussing Samsung IP Strategy On Bloomberg Asia TV's "First Up"

The Washington Post picked up the related long form story from Bloomberg, where I was quoted about how the the endgame for Samsung could well be designing around Apple's portfolio. This is supported by the fact that Apple is Samsung's largest components customer, and an injunction could cost Samsung north of $8B in revenue per year; Samsung has said that it will not be negotiating with Apple, as a licensing agreement similar to HTC could cost over $200B over the life of the agreement; and the fact that the ITC has already stated that the "Samsung products that were designed around Apple patents weren't in violation." At least on the face of it, while winning an injunction would provide game changing leverage to Samsung, extending out these proceedings seems to be an additional goal, in and of itself.

ITC Apple-Samsung Ruling May Be Game-Changer Play

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